Yes, it has been a while, hasn't it

As the few of you who have witnessed all the fucking politics involved with Dawn and myself in the evolution of this blog, the move to Livejournal and back, I did make mention that this would be at least a record of my directorial and producing endeavours for film. And, well, in the past year (or so, meh, I just don't want to count right now), has been a roller coaster of a ride, and for both internal and external reasons, I haven't pursued making a film. And you know what?


As such, and as Union film work here in Vancouver (go backtrack my other blog if you missed that one) has slowed to the extent that I can't depend on it to pay the bills until next spring when more shows pick up, and doing odd jobs to float the bills, while looking for a seasonal winter job, inspiration struck me.

It's off to documentary land again for this sailor!! And when I say sailor, I mean, well, I'd love to use Sith Lord, though that's copyrighted, so, let's just say director. As such, I shall be using this blog for a few things.

First, to log my daily progress. Well, really, to keep myself honest to me, and to stay focused and plugging at it.

Second, maybe, if my readership grows beyond one or two people, build some interest.

Third, perhaps, to find people who may wish to be involved with the project.

As such, I'm off to create a banner for the site, while mentally brainstorming.

See you on the flipside.

Jeff Vickers, Producer and Director.


A few updates...

First off, I'd just like to say that after a little hiatus, I do have some other film gigs (nothing paying too much though, but at least the ball is rolling again).

One of my classmates, Abba Edgar, is shooting a film having to do with terrorism and all things post-911, and he's picked me to be his 1st AD, plus we're in negotiation about me doing something, wether it be editing or sound design in post production.

Also, a couple of classmates, Sue and James, have me doing various post work on their films. Plus, James is willing to pay me to do some set construction for him. Woooooo Hooooooo!!

And, as for my film, my producer is going to have some free time starting this week, so the ball will start rolling more as of Monday.

More to say as things go on.



Back from a rest.

Hopefully tensions are down...

As any of you who may regularly come here and read my posts may have noticed, I haven't been around as of late. Well, at least, not at this blog. A lot of things have been going on for me personally, so as a result, I've got a Live Journal to post various things going on for me.

If any of you want to come see my Live Journal, you can view it here. It is a bit more protective, so, if you want to post and soforth, get yourselves a LiveJournal login, and drop me an email, and I can add you.

So where does this leave this blog?

Judging by the title, I've decided to blog here more on my professional (well, school ATM) side of things, films I'm working on, and make it a forum for that. As well (and this is not a slight to anyone) only a few friends and filmmakers may post, so, do not feel slighted about it if you can't reply.

This blog will no longer be for rather personal tidbits, internet humour, quizzes, or anything else in this type of category. Go to my Live Journal.

So, as for film, after the whole debacle about me not getting picked to shoot on 35mm, I have come to a few conclusions.

1. Film is becoming obsolete. Yes, I LOVE the look of film. Don't get me wrong. Digital is still a way off. But it's getting closer. And with my recently found commitment to Post Production, there are ways of making digital look more and more like film. And there's a couple of lovely catches. First, 60 min of digital stock can cost as low as $6.95 Canadian (yay Costco), whereas 60 min of 35mm film, to get it to editing (yup there are a few more processes than striping the tape) can cost upwards of $15,000.00 Canadian. And that's stock, not final edited film time. One hell of a savings for an up and coming independent filmmaker.

2. As an independent filmmaker, I don't need an ok from a bunch of old farts to shoot a film. Not on digital anyway. So I did write a new script, tentatively called "Coveted Desires" (copyright 2004 Jeff Vickers), and found a producer, possibly a director of photography, and a few actors. And, in talking with Andrew Ainsworth, my beloved teacher, found out I'm more organized and more ahead, and more serious than half the gits that got picked.

So, on that note, I'm happy. I didn't get selected, but now I don't need a handout. Don't need to lie to Telefilm and say my last name is Egoyan or Cronenberg. And I just do love the fact that companies like Lions Gate gobbles up inexpensive indie films and releases them. They still make a profit, our work is shown, and I can soon shoot very low budget features.





Some of you who are new here may be happy to know that a certain post has been deleted. So, as such, I'm hoping my site does not further descend into soap-opera hood (the lowest form of film :P). But, as such, only MEMBERS of my site may now post comments. If you wish to be a member and post comments, feel free to email me and I can arrange posting options. Soon to follow will be a set of rules for posting and such. For those who I have sent into a tailspin, I'm sorry. For those who have turned their back on me, tough luck.



Just for my babe

Well, seeing as my babe has "decorated" my car, and I ran across this in the newspaper comics section the other day, I just had to post it so you can understand what it is like to have Tweety Bird staring at you constantly.

Love you Dawn babes

And nothing else matters

Sorry Lars. Had to rip off your song title off because nothing else could describe where I am right now. With every single obstacle, there is one thing I can be certain of. That Dawn is behind me and loves me no matter what. She's even writing poetry, and here's one that she has let me post...

My Jeffrey

You came to me on morn,
Like the answer to a prayer,
By fate you were reborn,
My Jeffrey gentle and fair

You soothed a soul of deep dark gashes,
you touched a life of guilt and despair,
you rose from your own ashes,
You taught me how to care

From Numbness you brought light,
in darkness you found light,
with a heart of love and healing,
You have taken away my night.

When I read that I was like WOW!

I love you Dawn, with all of my heart...



1000 visitors?

Oh my God! I can't believe it. 1000 Visitors. It's like a miracle. Mind you, there's just a handful that do post here. Thank you to Dawn, Jana, Will, Todd, Alexis, Tia and Shelly for replying from time to time.


P.S. Mind you only one of that lot actually signed my guestbook. Odd. Ish.


Who's Your Daddy?

Pedro, who is your daddy? Unlike your recent comment, in the last weekend of the regular season, you said to "Call the Yankees my Daddy?" I guess you really like to tempt fate, don't you. Lets face it, when it comes to the post-season, you have less than stellar success against the men in pinstripes. And come on, doesn't the year 1918 ring a bell? You do like to tempt fate, don't you. I guess there's no rush greater than pitching against the Yankees, in the Bronx Zoo, to cheers of 60,000 fans saying "Who's your Daddy?" Now with a 2-0 series lead, it looks like the Yankees are going back to the World Series, yet again.

Thank you Pedro.

Lets go Yankees! Who's Your Daddy!

Dubya, can you answer the question please?

Well, during breaks and pauses in the Yankees/Red Sox game, I flipped the channel over to ABC, to see, surprise, surprise, surprise, the Senator John Kerry / "President" George W. Bush debate. And lets just say, Bushes responses did not surprise me in the least.

For more, click here.